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Our mission at Strangers to UAE is to serve as a trusted resource and community for American Muslims seeking to relocate to the UAE.

By leveraging the experiences and practices of our diverse members, we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information to support their successful transition to their new home.

Our goal is to empower American Muslims with the knowledge and resources necessary to confidently navigate their move to the UAE and thrive in their new community

How do we plan on doing this?

By tapping into the real-life experiences and wisdom of foreign-families currently thriving in the UAE.

We’ll share all of the details, including any updates, through our blog.

Stay posted to benefit from the top-notch professional services we’ve collected that we’ll make your long term stay even easier.

Our vision at Strangers to UAE is to be a leading voice and advocate for Muslim Americans in the UAE

We want to achieve this by collaborating with government institutions to create a welcoming and inclusive community for all.

We strive to establish a strong partnership with the UAE government, becoming recognized as the official liaison and representative for Muslim American affairs.

Our ultimate goal is to create a seamless and positive experience for Muslim Americans as they relocate to the UAE.

Knowledge before action

Explore our blog and stay up to date about relocating and moving to the UAE.